Are all flowers edible?



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    No! Here’s a list of flowers to avoid:

    Aconite, Anemone, Arnica, Autumn crocus, Azalea, Baneberry, Bittersweet, Box, Buttercup, Calamus, Celandine, Columbine, Corncockle, Daffodil, Deadly nightshade, Dog’s mercury, English mandrake, Fool’s parsley, Foxglove, Green hellebore, Hemlock, Henbane, Hyacinth, Iris, Ivy, Laurel, Leopard’s bane, Lily of the valley, Lords and Ladies, Marsh marigold, Meadow saffron, Mistletoe, Monkshood, Mrytle flag, Periwinkle, Potato, Privet, Spurge, Star of Bethlehem, Stinking hellebore, Sweet flag, Sweet pea, Water dropwort, Wisteria, Wolfsbane, Wood nightshade

    They are poisonous!

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