Are all domestic animals a threat to ecosystems when they’re released?



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    Adding to the above comment, besides the domestic animal potentially changing the ecosystem, a domestic animal would have a difficult time adjusting to the ecosystem within which it is released. When an animal is brought up with people, domesticated, and not in the wild, it doesn’t learn, or loses key survival techniques and knowledge.

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    Whenever you introduce a new species into an ecosystem, there are bound to be changes to the ecosystem as a whole.  Not all of these changes are dangerous, but there is a substantial risk that the introduction of domestic animals to a wild environment could negatively impact the species already associated with that environment.  A new species may interrupt the existing food chain, causing food shortages for several other species and/or becoming an unchecked predatory threat.  This could lead to the endangerment of wild species that are unable to adapt to a changing ecosystem.

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