Are all the deserts getting bigger?



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    First of all, there are two main types of deserts: subtropical and temperate. The former kind can be found in the Southwestern United States, Australia and North Africa. The latter are located in places such as the Central United States, the Himalayas and Chile. The case of the Sahara Desert’s expansion to the Sahel region below it has been scientifically studied at length and is a well-documented case of a desert growing in size. This is occurring due to a complexity of problems resulting from factors such as increased population, deforestation, cattle grazing and lack of rainfall. Other areas that the U.S. Geological Survey has identified as vulnerable to desertification are Central and Southern Asia, the Mediterranean countries of North Africa and Northeast Brazil. Thus, both subtropical and temperate deserts are susceptible to growth. However, not every desert in the world may be at risk currently, but climate change, global deforestation and alteration of the soil through construction and farming might alter their size in the future.

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