Are all countries doing stuff to try and prevent global warming?



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    Not all, but many are. The countries that lack significant resources or political cohesion to address even their own domestic problems–Somalia, which has had no functioning government since 1991, jumps immediately to mind–are a long way from being able to take any meaningful steps to address climate change, which has been caused mostly by the rich industrial countries of the Americas, Europe and Asia. Yet it is significant that even North Korea, a country so poor that nearly half its population is eating twigs to survive and so politically distorted that it teaches its people that Kim Il Sung invented electricity, has identified climate change as a worldwide problem needing urgent attention. It is also significant that some of the poorest countries in the world, such as the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, regard global warming as their #1 national problem. In Kiribati’s case it’s because the nation itself will soon cease to exist as a result of rising sea levels, meaning that all of its people must be relocated somewhere else. Indeed, the effects of global warming seem to impact poor countries the most, which is ironic given that because of their poverty they are the least well-equipped to deal with its effects.

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