Are all centipedes poisonous?



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    Yes, all centipedes produce poison. Despite being painful, the poison usually isn’t life-threatening to humans. It’s important to treat a centipede bite, however, to prevent infection. Also, some people may experience a allergic reaction to the poison.

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    What I gather from The Biology of Centipedes by J. G. E Lewis, is that all centipedes have the same general anatomical structure, although they vary in size, number of legs, and severity of venom, among other things.  Poison claws form on the legs of the first truck segment of these symmetrical arthropods, called ‘forcipules’.  There is one set of legs for each truck segment, and centipedes can have anywhere from 15 to 181 pairs of legs (interestingly enough, all species of centipedes have uneven pairs of legs).

    There are varying degrees of poison as mentioned, and smaller centipedes usually do not have long enough claws to puncture human skin, so unless you are in very tropical climates there is very little to worry about the threat of centipedes (unless allergies play a factor of course).  

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