Are all bamboo products eco friendly?



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    Bamboo is becoming more and more of a popular option when considering durable and sustainable materials for furniture, flooring and other eco-friendly products.  It is renewable and grows to maturity in five to seven years as opposed to the average of 50 — 150 years for most hardwoods.  It’s also an attractive wood and is available in different colors and grains making it a viable option for personal furniture as well as more industrial uses.  It is sturdy and has a hardness that compares to some of the harder woods out there.  What’s more is that it’s cost effective and easier to install than some of the more traditional woods. 

    That all being said, just because the bamboo itself is eco-friendly (or can be used in an eco-friendly manner), the way in which it is produced (grown and manufactured) does not mean that all products made from bamboo are eco-friendly.  In fact, a producer or furniture manufacturer could make a product in a very non-green manner, wasting water, materials, time and disposing of trash and waste without concern for the environment.  When purchasing bamboo products, it is still best to check out the company to ensure that they follow eco-friendly procedures while crafting their products in addition to using sustainable materials.   

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    Completely agree with the previous answer. Just passing through a local drugstore or mall and you can see that being “green” is really taking off commercially. It used to be hard to find organic cosmetics and shampoos, but now I don’t have to tread far to find them. That being said, a lot of companies can claim to be “eco-friendlYy, “natural”, or “organic” but that doesn’t make them so. There is so many things we don’t see – like how that product is made. It’s hard finding good companies that are truly eco-friendly. Check out Eco-Tools, they’re eco-friendly and use bamboo in their product. 

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