Are all bacteria harmful?



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    Most are harmless, some are beneficial, some are probably necessary for various plant, animal, and human functions. See link.

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    No. They actually play an important part in the ecosystem. For example, they tend to decompose dead organisms and make their nutrients available to those that are living.

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    Not only are most bacteria not harmful, many in your body help to prevent infection.  Probiotics (helpful bacteria) are used commonly in other countries to fill your intestines with healthy bacteria so that harmful pathogens can’t take root.  Yogurts are an example of probiotics, though there are probiotic medicines available as well.

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    Each of us has our own unique combination of good and neutral bacteria in our bodies. Some people can get extremely sick if they do not have the proper balance of good bacteria. Things like yeast infections can happen when antibiotics kill off not only the bad bacteria, but the good as well.

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