Are algae a source of biofuels?



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    Algae can be used as a source of biofuels.  The algae are grown in ponds and the oil they produce can be harvested and converted into clean burning bio diesel.  The fermenting algae can also be used for ethanol production.  The process can be expensive and difficult however, and needs to move to much larger scale production before it can be economically feasible for a larger consumer market.  

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    There’s a great book about algae as biofuel called Green A;gae Strategy: End Oil Imports and Engineer Sustainabe Food and Fuel by Mark Edwards.  It’s actually inexpensive to produce algae for biofuel once the platform has been established.  It grows extremely quick, uses very little input and leaves virtually no footprint.  The byproducts from algae production can be used for a variety of things and are extremely high in nutritional value.

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