Are algae blooms a good thing for lakes?



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    Algae blooms is the name for high-density algae (a lot of it!) Algae blooms can have negative effects on bodies of water, some being: ecological, aesthetic, and human health. Algae can affect the taste and quality of the water that is used for drinking. Some algae even produce toxins, which is very dangerous for the animals living in the body of water it is infecting.

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    Algal blooms are often caused by an excess amount of nutrients like Nitrogen in the water.  The nutrients cause a large spike in the algae content in the water.  The spikes can even turn the seas red due to the high density of algae, this is called a “Red Tide”.

    Algal blooms are bad for lakes and oceans because they use up the oxygen in the water, meaning aquatic life often dies off during a bloom due to lack of oxygen.


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