Are alcoholics bad for the environment?



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    Anyone who consumes too much of anything is bad for the environment, because the earth only has so much to offer us—at least, there is only so much to go around—in the way of natural resources which we smart people can consume. I wouldn’t say alcoholics are bad for the environment like cars are bad for the environment (because theoretically you could create tons of alcohol in a completely sustainable manner, whereas it would be very tough to drive a Dodge Viper in a sustainable way all the time)… but there is something of a genius kernel of wisdom to be discovered when you ask your question. I’d suggest doing two things: One, read the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn so you can find out what a Taker is right from the source (you’d rather be a Leaver, and an alcoholic is one who Takes to many shots or drinks)—so you’ll see how any excess is a bad thing: Which takes me to the second suggestion; and that is to look into The Middle Way (otherwise known as): Buddhism…. is basically the avoidance of any extreme—so you can have 1 or 2 drinks (or maybe even more occasionally) but if you over-consume, if you have TOO MUCH, then you are going to lead yourself to painful suffering… which anyone who has ever stood over a toilet the morning after a college binge night can attest to! (I must give mad props also to Professor Alan Fox and my fiancee Stephanie for sharing with me the sources of wisdom I am sharing with you!)

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