Are Africanized honey bees still a problem?



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    Yes, Africanized honey bees, commonly called “killer bees”, continue to spread across the southwest of the U.S. As recently as February 2009 they were documented as having penetrated into Utah. These bees threaten local bee populations, as they are less-selective about their hive locations, and will even overrun European honey bee hives. They are also a greater threat to humans than their European counterparts, as they tend to defend their territory faster and more aggressively than other bee species, swarming more often.

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    The first Africanized Honey Bee (AHB) population was identified in Florida back in 2002. Since then, the AHB have effected the honeybee industry in the state. Honeybees that are used at farms for their honey and wax need a certain amount of area to fly in order to collect pollen. Since the arrival of the AHB the domesticated honeybee has had to compete with the AHB for forage area when collecting pollen.

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