Are African Grey’s hard to take care of?



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    African Grey Parrots are very intellectual birds and require a great deal of care, attention, human interaction, and stimulation to keep their brains running at their potential speed. The cage size should offer plenty of space for the parrot – perhaps about 3 feet by 2 feet by 4 feet tall. The bars should be thick, and spacing should also be about 3/4 inches for Timnehs and 1 inch for Congos. The more space, the better. The cage should be placed where human interaction will be most associative. Additionally, parrots prefer to have lots of toys and perches in their cages. The parrots should also be given time outside of the cage – around 2 hours per day.

    African Grey’s also need to be on a specific diet. They should be given clean, fresh water daily. Additionally, the water must be 100% free of chlorine and heavy metals. Pellets should make up around 65% of the bird’s diet, with 15-30% of the diet consisting of fresh vegetables. Fruits should make up less than 5%. There are also several foods that can be toxic to African Grey’s, such as salty snacks, chocolate, raw onions, and rhubarb.

    More information on the necessary care for African Grey Parrots can be found in the links provided.

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