Are acorns edible?



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    Absolutely, and they can be quite tasty! However, depending on the variety, it is likely you will need to leach out the tannic acid from them before you eat them. The Native Americans used to do this by placing them in a basket and putting the basket in a stream. The constant running water would leach out the tannic acid in a couple days.

    An alternative way, and easier in most kitchens, is to boil them in LOTS of water. After the water turns brown in an hour or so, dump the water and do it again. Keep doing this until the water isn’t so brown.

    Bon Apetit!


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    Acorns are definitely edible! They have played an important role in US history as a main staple of the Native American diet. The amount of tannic acid found in the acorns determines how bitter they taste.


    See this website for some acorn-cooking ideas:

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    Yes they are and I have an acorn tree in my block where I collect and give to my grandmother. Obviously she knows how to cook them correctly, manages to put a great oriental spin on the dish and you can hardly taste any bitterness from the tannic acid.

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