Are 2-stroke engines better for the environment than 4-stroke engines?



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    This is all from — on the ICE — or Internal Combustion Engine — apparently, YES modern designs are “cleaner burning” and can be “more efficient than comparably sized four stroke engines.”  Although there has to be some advantage to using the 4-stroke cycle in cars, or else all cars would be run off 2 stroke engines. 

    “Spark-ignition two-strokes are small and light for their power output and mechanically very simple; however, they are also generally less efficient and more polluting than their four-stroke counterparts.” 

    “two-stroke engines have been less fuel-efficient than other types of engines when the fuel is mixed with the air prior to scavenging allowing some of it to escape out of the exhaust port. Modern designs (Sarich and Paggio) use air-assisted fuel injection which avoids this loss, and are more efficient than comparably sized four-stroke engines. “

    “Research continues into improving many aspects of two-stroke motors including direct fuel injection, amongst other things. The initial results have produced motors that are much cleaner burning than their traditional counterparts.”

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