apt to be tented for termites, health and safety measures?..



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    I think this link would be helpful to you.  There are quite a few measures you should be taking such as cutting of gas supply (you must call your gas company to do this), as well as bagging/removing many types of food that is in your kitchen to protect you and your family from contamination.  Be extremely careful about re-entering your home: make sure that the exterminators adequately checked for sulfuryl fluoride concentrations in the air after the fumigation has been completed.  Also note that there are risks with this process – deaths have been recorded after people re-entered their home after tenting, despite having followed all safety precautions.  Because of how harmful the pesticides are for the environment, tenting should only be done when infestation is particularly bad.  The chemicals used have been attributed to strong greenhouse gas emissions, and can stay in the environment for decades.

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