approximately how much does it cost to burn a 100 watt candescent light bulb for one hour



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    I ran them both though an energy calculator offered online (see link) and both the 65 watt bulb (I also ran a 75 watt bulb because they only had 60 watt incandescent) and the 100 watt bulbs and the results both came back as it costs 1 penny! I’m not sure how accurate it gets, but it’s probably safe to say that — if you have an average priced power company — running just one bulb for one hour is not going you too cost much at all. For this one I ran another calculator and it said that the 65 watter will cost you less than a dollar a year if you run it for only one hour per week. So 52 weeks and an hour each means it has to cost you less than 2 cents per hour.  And for the 100 watt halogen (the first calculator didn’t allow you to select this type of bulb) it came back as 1 dollar for the year —- so about 2 cents per hour.

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