Is Apples Tablet PC going to be a green one?



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    The iPad certainly takes several big steps to go green, although it’s difficult to say if it’s a greener alternative until we see how people are using it and what other products it might replace. Some of the green materials Apple used with the iPad are: a mercury-free LCD screen, arsenic-free display glass, no PVCs, no brominated flame retardant, and recyclable glass and aluminum throughout. Apple already has a recycling program for its machines, and will likely add the iPad to that program.

    The battery is efficient at power consumption and can be reused for certain other applications after it’s normal battery life is over; however, the iPad’s energy consumption does not match the Kindle. That brings us to the final point: one of the greenest things you can do is to only buy things you need. Most of the applications an iPad can do can also be done on an iPhone or Apple laptop. So to be truly eco-friendly, consumers should research this and any new gadget to see if they need it, or of it would be a waste.

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