Since Apple comes out with a new ipod, iphone, ipad every year, are they really that environmentally responsible of a company with all the waste their creating?



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    In my opinion, no.  They are using a tactic called planned obsolescence.  Even though your older electronics still work, you feel the need to be buy the newest version in order to be cool.  Many companies do this in order to make a lot of money.  However, they are also wasting vast amounts of natural resources.

    Also, every time you buy an ipod you get a new charger and earbuds. Do you always need a new charger or earbuds? Nope.  These accessories should be an option.  Also, Apple uses a different charging system than most other electronics which are switching over to the more universal mini-usb.  This in turn causes more waste.   


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    There are people who are taking the recycling of iPhones into their own hands!  My boss recently got new iPhones for her and her husband, but were unsure what to do with their old iPhones – I found a place they could send them to be recycled AND that gave her cash for them.  Even though Apple keeps making new iPhones and such – they can still be recycled!!

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