Apart from bees, which other insects make honey? [b] The puff adders snakes are known to be venomous, do their eggs contain venom as well? [c] What is the major importance of poisonous plants in our planet?



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    Only bees make honey. Many other insects consume nectar like bees do, but no other insects can refine it into honey. 

    Female puff adder snakes incubate their eggs internally verses laying them. Females give birth when the eggs are ready to hatch. The only way snakes distribute venom is through biting. Eggs do not contain venom. 

    Poisonous plants are not toxic to all species. Plants that are toxic to humans may be valuable food sources to other species that have resistance to a toxin. Sometimes, plants are poisonous to humans because of allergies we have. Not all species have these allergies.

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