Is anything that has to do with cats related to green house gas emissions?

One more reason not to like them.



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    As far as the animals go, no I don’t thin so. However CAT refers to “cap and trade,” an approach used to control emissions by providing economic incentives.

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    Yes, humans, who are known to sometimes consort with cats, are the largest producers of greenhouse gases in the world.

    Another reason to dislike humans.

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    To add to mike’s point, “CAT” also stands for the Climate Action Team, an initiative run by the California government.  CAT consists of a plethora of state organizations, including California EPA, Transportation and Housing Agency and the Department of Food and Agriculture.  Their goal is to coordinate and report on efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on state standards.  The first CAT was established in March 2006 and reports progress to the CA governor every two years.

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