Is anyone trying to do anything about the Pacific trash vortex?



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    Yes, definitely.  The vortex is becoming – literally – a huge problem as it is estimated to be about twice the size of Texas.  This past August the Scripps Institute in San Diego, CA sponsored a month long study for two ships to go out to the vortex to photograph and document its effect on the marine environment.  As the sun beats down on the plastic in the vortex, harmful chemichals leach from the plastic into the surrounding waters.  One of the ships will be working on developing ways to clean up the debris without harming the nearby marine life.  It is important to note that there are similar trash heaps located in other oceans of the world as well.  Because these are located in international waters, no country seems willing to take responsibility for the mess.  Hopefully this study and subsequent ones will raise awareness and spark progress in cleaning these up.

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