Is anyone in Nevada still affected by the nuclear tests they did there?



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    The biggest problem faced by the Nevada Nuclear Test Site NTS is on the water table. In the worst affected zones, radioactivity in the tainted water reaches millions of picocuries per liter. Although radiation levels in the water have declined over time, the longer-lived isotopes will continue to pose risks for tens of thousands of years.

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    My father worked at the nevada test site for 22 years, he drilled holes in the ground to drop bombs into,then the crew steam cleaned the usable parts to re-use.

    I grew up in las vegas, he played with me and held me as a child.

    I now have holes in my spine and lower brain, I am 46,can’t work,barely walk or think,coordination is gone too.

    Social security won’t help,no one will, although I paid taxes, ALOT, all my life.

    My family is Smith/Jones on one side alone,500 living all over Oklahoma, and no one but me has ever had anything even close to this.

    I have contacted every agency I know ,so far no one will help my family, what now?

    The apathy is pretty thick, I used to be a musician, can’t do that anymore either.

    The goverment has turned their back on me anyway.

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