Any tips for taking a dog on hiking trails in the mountains?

(Specifically near Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevadas.)



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    These two websites contain good information for what to be aware of and how to prepare. I hike with my dog a lot and I have found that it is very important to keep your dog leashed when you are in high hills or cliff sides. Dogs are very unaware of heights sometimes, so be aware of that. Everything else seems to be covered below. Hope this helps. 

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    In addition to the other post, I would make sure you dog has reflective gear.  A collar, vest, leash etc. would work.  This is just out of my own experience — I own a very large dog that often looks like a bear with it’s short tail. From the depths of the woods, people thought my dog was a black bear. You might not be anywhere where there are hunters, but it is a good precaution to take.  

    Here is a link to some reflective dog gear:

    Amazon also has some good stuff too. Happy hiking! 

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    Make sure to have an adequate supply of h20 for your canine pal. In addition, try to bring along some high protein treats like Zukes to keep your dog’s hunger at bay. Reflective gear is also a great tool to keep your pet safe – especially during hunting seasons in certain areas. To keep your dog focused you can give it a purpose – like carrying a backpack full of treats, bags, etc. The website below gives examples of dog backpacks at REI. 

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