Is any one gem better for the environment than another? Should we mandate that wedding rings are made with these?



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    Limiting people’s choices without their consent is not a good way to achieve anything, especially when it comes to something like wedding rings.
    Most gems are mined or cultured, neither of which are efficient.

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    The gem that is best for the environment would be the one that’s easiest to extract. This also means that it would be less rare and valuable… which is not symbolic of anything you want to propose with.

    I don’t think it’s right to limit people’s choices in what gems they can buy however I think people should know the consequences of buying diamonds at cheap as possible. There are way of mining that are safer and less damaging than others, but are more expensive, thus driving up the price of the finished product. If people were willing to pay more for diamonds and other rare gems, we could have mines that have little to no long term enviornmental harm.


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