Any notable global environmental events coming up?



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    A very important international environmental event is coming up the weekend of December 12th.  Over that weekend,  which falls during the middle of the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, people around the world will be organizing “candlelight vigils” to encourage the United States to take on a leadership role in combating global warming.  Many vigils will occur in iconic and easily-visible places, including next to government buildings or symbols (in the US), and outside of US embassies in other parts of the world.  The vigils are being organized by – the same group which put on the October 24th International Day of Climate Action earlier this year. is asking the world leaders across the globe to push for a global treaty that brings atmospheric carbon dioxide levels down to 350 parts per million – the maximum safe level for life on this planet.  To learn more about the weekend of action and to find the resources for organizing a vigil near you, please see the link citation below.

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