Any laws or ordinances about feeding pigeons in Santa Cruz, CA?



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    I doubt it. Venice, Italy has a law against feeding pigeons, but that’s because their massive amounts of dung are eroding historic buildings.

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    According to the Santa Cruz City Ordinances, no. It is illegal to feed or give water to feral cats in Santa Cruz, but there is no provision barring people from feeding pigeons. The ordinances do say that you can keep pigeons as pets, but I would say that it is best not to take in pigeons that haven’t been raised in captivity. New York City sought at one point to charge a $1000 fine for feeding pigeons due to corrosion caused by their droppings.

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      Thanks for your answer. It isn’t what I would like to hear but am glad I know we are lacking guidelines for feeding pigeons and creating huge flocks as well as interfer with undomesticated animals.


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