Any eco-gift ideas for the holidays?



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    The most important thing about green gift givin is make sure it is something he person actually wants. Just like buying something you don’t need is wasteful so is giving something away that they won’t like or won’t use. This can be harder with gifts so just try and be thoughtful. Also some people don’t like your political/eco agenda being shoved on them with their own gift.

    That being said. If you know of what they are likely to want or need try to give them a green version. Green personal care products, items that are made from recycled or renewable materials are the best. If a person likes to cook maybe get them a tool for cooking made from recycled metal. Do they like to wood work? Get them some fancy sustainable harvested wood. Use your imagination just remember who you are buying the gift for.

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    My mom has created her own reusable gift wrap. She found old scraps of fabric and sewed them into pouches of various sizes. She can wrap just about anything now without wasting paper, tape, etc. The only catch is that she asks for the pouches back so that she can continue to reuse them. Perhaps she can make more and have the pouch be part of the gift. This would encourage the recipient of the gift to use this type of “gift wrap” as well.

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