Is antimatter real?



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    Anti-matter is very real, and it is primarily found in cosmic rays–high energy particles that form new particles as they zip through Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists, however, have taken to creating their own anti-particles–anti-protons and positrons, which are the equivalent of protons and electrons–with machines called “accelorators,” which smash together particles at high energies. In 1995, CERN became the first laboratory to produce artificial anti-atoms.

    Some scientists believe that anti-matter is the perfect symmetry to matter. They believe that when “the big bang” occured, the billions of particles of anti-matter seperated from the matter–which became us–and are now off floating in space. Scientists are currently searching for this “galaxy” of anti-matter. If that anti-matter were to collied with matter, all would disappear in a mass annilation.

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    So davinci code could really happen happen?


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