Is anti-bacterial soap toxic?



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    Yes, antibacterial cleaners contain containtriclosan, a toxic pesticide that’s marketed as an “antibacterial agent” but is powerful enough to threaten children’s health and pollute mothers’ breast milk. In lab studies, triclosan has been linked to cancerin lab animals, targeted for removal from some stores in Europe for its health and environmental risks, and recommended against useat home by the American Medical Association. If you see the words “antibacterial,” “kills germs,” or “triclosan” on a product label, try to find an alternative.

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    While antibacterial soap in the home might cause a bit of extra protection against common household bacteria, it is not clear how much triclosan might ultimately affect bacteria in the wild, or in our bodies. Bacteria are a necessary part of every ecosystem. We have fantastic bacteria in our guts and on our skin that often kill fungus and actually make us function better.

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