Is Antarctica really shrinking?



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    Reports can be falsified, and agendas can get in the way of showing what is really going on, so it’s hard to say. However, there are many reports that show Antarctica is both shrinking and growing. Because Antarctica is broken down into three areas, East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS), the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), and the Antarctic Peninsula. which are all claimed and owned by different countries, I’d assume that scientist have simply not been in as much contact with each other as they should.

    The truth of the matter? EAIS is cooler and is growing, but the WAIS and the Peninsula are shrinking. As only one side of Antarctica is shrinking, we can presume that it’s not because of global warming, but that there is a different reason. I would imagine that this is due in part to warmer sea temperatures in the areas around South America, though there haven’t been studies on this yet.

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