Is the Angler Fish the only animal to use light to attract its prey?



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    Not hardly, there is the flashlight fish, cookiecutter shark, as well as dinoflagellates to name just a few. The cookiecutter shark uses it to look like a small fish and then eats the would-be diners. The “dino” is plankton and emits it bioluminescence when a predator is close in the hopes some larger predator will eat them. To name

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    Another example of an animal that uses light to attract prey is the flashlight fish. It has a large light organ under each eye, where such bacteria grow in a nutrient-rich environment that the fish provides. The fish can effectively “flash” its lights by sliding flaps of skin over these light organs, momentarily blocking the bacterial light.

    Also, the viper fish has a luminescent lure on the end of a modified fin ray that it can arch forward in front of its mouth.

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