is the anaconda the most dangerous snake on the planet?



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    It depends on how you define dangerous. I’ll stick with a “kills the most people” definition. There are plenty of snakes that are far more venomous, or far more deadly, but don’t kill as many people.

    The cobras of Sri Lanka kill huge numbers of people (about 5 out of every 100,000 annually), and Russell’s vipers kill hundreds of humans.

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    This source describes the most deadliest state per continent. Some of them look very fierce! I’d be scared to be eye to eye with many of them.

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    I would think that a small, quick, and venomoous would be the most dangerous, rather than the enormous anaconda.

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    Though anacondas are quite dangerous because of their size, smaller snakes can actually pose a bigger threat. Younger snakes that have venom, such as immature rattle snakes and cobras, have a tendency to overexert themselves when attacking and use their entire venom capacity on a target. Adult snakes learn to use their venom in moderation, while an adolescent snake will use all of it, and can vastly increase the chance and quickness of death from the bite. 

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