Is the amount of species added to the endangered species list every year getting bigger or smaller?



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    It appears to be getting larger every year. On average, 52 species of birds, mammals, and amphibians get a category closer to extinction each year. Over the past four decades, species have been lost at a rate of two to three orders of magnitude greater than typical extinction rates. However, this would have been 20% worse without human intervention.

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    The rate of extinction seems to be increasing, as species die out at a faster rate. The use of chemicals and pesticides, habitat destruction, and poaching have all increased in recent years, causing animals to become endangered or extinct. It is estimated that 27,000 species become extinct each year. 

    However, it is hard for scientists to confirm extinction, and declaring extinction takes a lot of time and fieldwork. Reports of seeing an animal thought to be extinct is common in some areas, and scientists have to investigate each claim.

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