Is the amount of people going to National Parks every year increasing or decreasing?



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    There has been a noted increase. Despite rising gas costs, more people went to national parks in 2007 than did in 2006. You can see more specific statistics on the National Park Service’s website. They offer statistics specific to each national park, so that you can compare them all. In general, there has been an increase in visitors to National Parks.

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    Yosemite was seeing a decrease in the number of visitors over the past 10 years, but last year it had 3.9 million visitors almost matching the number of visitors in 1996, which was 4.1 million. The National Park Service website has stats on the number of visitors annual up to 2007, when there was 272 million visitors to NPS lands across the US that year, which was down from 277 million in 2002. There seems be an increase starting again though.

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    1987 was a record breaking year for national park attendance, totaling 287.2 million visitors.  Although park attendance has been climbing in the past few years (around 285 million in 2009, and 275 million in 2008), the 1987 record has not been broken.

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