Is America’s green job market diverse?



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    The green job market is growing, with employment in the green job sector rising 6 percent among respondents in recent tracking surveys conducted by the employment Web site Great Green Careers. The promising results are consistent with findings across the national job market. According to a recent report released by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), green jobs could add billions of dollars to the economy, and employ millions of workers, over the next four years. Similarly, the results of a recent Green Collar Jobs report conducted by American Solar Energy Society (ASES) indicate as many as 37 million jobs can be generated by the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries by 2030.

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    America has the infrastructure to have many different green initiatives (land for solar power, coastal cities for wind / tidal power, and scientific know-how to produce nuclear energy). Once these sectors are properly incentivated by the government, you will see America’s green job market expand drastically.

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