Is America running out of places to mine for coal?



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    It would seem so. Recent spot-checks of coal reserves have turned up less coal that we had believed available. That’s why American countries are investing in projects like mountaintop removal and oil-shale removal–methods of obtaining energy that are very destructive to the natural environment. We are really runnign out of fossil fuels, and it’s time that we make the shift to more sustainable methods of obtaining energy.

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    The US actually has the largest coal reserves estimate of any nation, with about 28% of world reserves. Alaska has vast coal deposits that are not presently economic, mostly because of the distance needed for transport (but also partly because of the nature of the coal). “Running out” is not really an appropriate phrase for coal (or oil, for that matter), though technically we have been “running out” since the first piece was burned inasmuch as it cannot be renewed on human time scales.

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