Is America doing more than any other country to protect the environment?



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    In spite of the current administration’s “New Energy for America” plan, the United States has still a long way to go on environment protection. The EU, for example has introduced an “Integrated Pollution Prevention Control” directive that will further engage European countries in environmental protection policies. Besides good will and behavior, protection of the environment passes through tough legislation. Until the United States as a whole starts enforcing the rules, some European countries (chiefly, the Scandinavian ones) will continue to lead.

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    In 1991 for example, Germany started the seperation of waste materials from the home. This was the start of Die Gruner punkt, as a result there are now recycling plants that also manufacture, turning waste into new products. If every country took care of there own waste, this would reduce the amount of shipping, which in turn would also make a differance. Who has seen the amount of waste being shipped to Africa, mostly materials that are too complex to recycle. 

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