Is America doing anything to try and slow down their population growth?



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    In United States, there are attempts at population control. It’s done mainly by educating about family planning (including birth control use) and the problem of overpopulation. It doesn’t look like we’re approaching China’s one child policy anytime soon, if that’s what you’re asking about. That is, unless some major resource shortage hits us – which is likely to happen as, with current methods of population control, we’re still growing at about 1% a year.

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    Population growth slows on its own with certain cultural factors.  The fact that women are becoming successful in the workplace and are equally well educate as men, in and of itself lowers the population growth.  Populations with higher economic success also tend to grow slower.  So, while our government isnt taking steps, our culture is makign changes on its own that will have the same accomplishment.

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