Is America allowed to produce any more nuclear bombs?



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    The Obama adminstration’s policy is to neither build nor develop new nuclear arms.

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    Why should any country build more nuclear bombs, the amount that exist today can already wipe out every thing several times over. With the state of the world economy today, this should not even be the last thing on the list.

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    The last nuclear test conducted happened on September 23, 1992, when the bomb dubbed the “Divider” was dropped as a “test to ensure the safety of U.S. deterrent forces.”  The date marks the anniversery of the first nuclear test conducted in September 23, 1945, when the “Trinity” bomb was dropped.  After the last test, President George Bush Senior declared a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing and production, when it was decided that the existing stockpike (of about 10,000 warheads) could be maintained and tested through non-nuclear means.

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