Is the Amazon River is Brazil drying up?



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    There are parts of the Amazon river (mainly in Peru and Brazil) where water levels are at its lowest its been in 30 years. 

    Local officials in Peru are blaming deforestation for the Amazon River’s low water levels. Warmer ocean temperatures in the Atlantic ocean may also be preventing cloud formations, decreasing rainfall. 

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    It appears that the Amazon River is experiencing the effects of drought, not only in Brazil but throughout its tributaries across South America. Drought has caused a number of key stretches of the river to dry almost completely, leaving nothing but a clay riverbed and putting thousands of people at risk because of a lack of water for themselves, crops, and livestock. The lack of rainfall in the area is the culprit, and the drought is not expected to let up any time soon—increasing changes in weather and climate point to further droughts in years to come.

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