Am I making my humming birds dependent on me?

I live in Vancouver. I have been feeding hummers for approx. 2 years (throughout the winter too). My feeder holds about 2 cups and I have to fill it up nearly every day. I’m worried that the birds are becoming too dependent on me. Will they be ok if I should go away or move?



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    Hummingbirds are naturally migratory birds.  It is a little unusual that they are staying around through the winter.  They usually should arrive in May or June and depart in August or September.  You could be making them dependent on you, especially if you were to move in the Winter when they would have no other food source.  Howeve, in the Fall, they should have the instinct to migrate south when food becomes scarce.  You could try cutting down your feeding toward the end of Summer so they begin to find other sources of food and remember to migrate.

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