Am I gaining weight because of hormones in food?



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    Maybe, but as of now there is no scientific evidence to suggest that that is the case. The main concerns around the presence of artificial hormones in food is that they may cause cancer and that they may induce early onset of puberty in girls, which in turn has been linked to higher cancer rates. However, there is not yet strong scientific evidence to support these suspicions.

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    Hormones are more than likely causing quick weight gain in the animals that they are exposed to, not in humans. But this does not mean that negative impacts don’t hit humans because of food injected with hormones. For one, there was an incident in Puerto Rico where girls were prematurely reaching puberty because of hormones in red meat. They also increase the risk of cancer.

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    It is doubtful that any hormones used in meat would directly effect you like they would if you injected growth hormone directly. I’m not saying it’s healthy to eat meat shot up with hormones, just that the effects are altered. There are rumors that they make the second hand human consumer gain weight, but I don’t believe it.

    We gain weight when we eat more calories than we burn. Calories from sugars and fats are especially appealing and calorie filled.

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