Am I a bad environmentalist if I subscribe to magazines?



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    Not if you read and enjoy them. If they come to your house and you never think about them again I would consider cancelling the subscription. Also don’t forget to recycle them when you are done reading them. You may want to write the editor of your favorite magazine and tell them how awesome it would be if they used more recycled content in their magazine also.

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    Yeah, or just tell them to go digital and publish their magazine on the web… then you don’t even need any paper to be used at all. I’m not saying it’s bad outright— but it’s definitely costing us carbon (really, O2) because trees are cut down for paper pulp)— but I would say that it is worse than an online publication (even though this costs us carbon too! — because we are buying electricity to run our computers and we do not have a clean eco-friendly infrastructure (yet)… Don’t worry about the magazines, just look forward to the future when everyone has a digital reader and all your text books, bills, magazines, newspapers, and anything else in print are condensed to the size of a tiny network of electrical components (which require little energy to run)! 

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    No, you’re not a bad environmentalist.  It is important to remember that not every eco-friendly act is created equal, and not every unfriendly act is the same either.  Some acts are less impactful than others.  One could argue that being well informed, aware, and curious is paramount to being a good citizen the world and make a positive difference, and thus reading a magazine.  And when you’re done reading, just recycle.

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    Not if you’re actually using them.  It’s not a waste if you actually use whatever’s made.  However, if there’s an option to get a digital version of the same thing, that might be worthwhile.  It’s easier and saves paper.

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    You could be a good environmentalist who has magazine subscriptions if you share them with others, so they don’t have to buy them, and if you look for other ways to reuse the magazine papers.  Some people have been very creative with art forms using magazines….like creating picture frames or baskets by folding them down and gluing them together.

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