Also mention silage…

Thanks for this well-written article, calling out in a sharable format information that has been documented but not well-distributed.

One other risk is silage or haylage that has not been properly managed. A nickname for listeriosis is “silage disease”. Silage / haylage can be a wonderful breeding ground for listeriosis if there is, for instance, a tiny hole in the white covering on a baylage bale.

No grain, no silage on my farm!

Since I can’t tell if this is tied directly to the article I just read, I’m commenting on this:



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    Wow, that’s interesting.  I hadn’t heard that before.  Thanks for brining it to my attention.  I found this paper on listeriosis cases in England, if anyone is interested. It’s quite long, but I quickly read through chapters 3 and 4, and they give a very comprehensive study of the relationship between farming practices and listeriosis.  The role that silage plays is addressed in detail, taking into account the type of silage, where it comes from and how it is produced and stored.  The overall relationship between farming practices and listeriosis seems pretty in line with common sense:  the better care a farmer takes and the more attentive he or she is to the herd’s living conditions, the less likely a listeriosis outbreak becomes.  And, of course, the quality of a cow’s diet is a key factor of its overall living coditions.

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      Thanks, Maddie! One other little factlet: super-e.coli is being linked to a new practice of rolling / smashing corn like rolled oats, then feeding it to the cows. Makes the hot corn feed even hotter, which is of course even worse for the cow. Corn, and rolled corn, change the pH of the cow’s internal systems, making it favorable to e.coli. Natural (grass-fed) pH is hostile to e.coli. So many things wrong with the picture – devoting flat farmland to growing feed for cattle, using dead dinosaurs to power and fertilize the effort, when what the cow needs is already growing on that not-easily-tilled-and-farmed rolling hill over there…

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