Is the aloe vera plant a species of cactus?



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    No, aloe vera plants are actually a part of the lily family.  They may look like a cactus but they are not part of this species.  Aloe vera is native to Egypt and subsequently the Egyptians were among the first to discover its medicinal properties, which can range from treating sunburn to common skin ailments.  Additionally, because aloe vera has ant-inflammatory properties it can assist with the pain associated with skin ailments.

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    Aloe vera belong in the Aloe genus and in the Asphodelaceae family. Examining the DNA of Aloe vera shows that it is relatively closely related to Aloe perryi, a species that is endemic to Yemen. Aloe vera is a short stemmed plant growing between 60-100 centimeters tall. The leaves are thick and fleshy, and the margin of the leaf is serrated and has small white teeth. Majority of cactuses are in the Cactaceae family so aloe vera is not a species of cactus. 

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    Aloe vera can actually be classified as a succulent species, so can a cactus.  however, a cactus can be its own species, which an aloe plant can not identify with.  Both plants are equipped to withstand water shortages and have adapted to retain water for long periods of time.

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