Is aloe vera the best working all-natural skin moisturizer?



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    Aloe is very good, but I personally prefer shea butter. It’s all natural, and it moisturizes without making your skin feel greasy. It’s unscented, save for a natural hint of damp leaves. Unfortunately, most shea butter in the US has been refined, and has lost a lot of what makes it good for your skin–if you can get your hands on some good shea that’s unrefined, you’ll be set.

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    The best moisturizer for your skin starts from the inside: drinking water. Alternatively, if you have a largely plant-based diet, that will provide much of the water you need. Great external moisturizers include coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. All are easily available for purchase at the grocer’s or a health and beauty supply store.

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    Though aloe has a lot of soothing and calming properties, the best organic moisturizers are usually natural oils such as avacado, coconut, jojoba and rose petal oils. These are not only luxurious, but moisturize your skin extremely well.

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    Hey there!

    You’ve gotten some great answers but I’d like to add my own two cents in. I’m very familiar with aloe vera (mom used it a lot during my childhood and we have small aloe vera “garden”) and use it for a multitude for stuff. It’s just a multitasking plant. It naturally has anti-bacterial and inflammatory properities that can be used to heal non-critical wounds, small scratches and skin abrasions.

    Now for the face, the gel is great for treating acne, eczema and dermatitis. I actually use aloe vera gel quite frequently on my face to treat redness and other skin irritations. I find not only does it soothe and heal, it leaves a glow to my face and actually does hydrate it well. I’ve also noticed it evens out my skin tone and lightens. I love it, and I’m glad I don’t spend so much money anymore on unnecessary products.

    That being said, it really depends on your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin (or combo) jojoba oil is the best all-natural skin moisturizer for your face. It might sound weird, but it does work. Jojoba oil can balance out your skin production’s of oil – it kind of tricks it in a way to stop overproducing so much oil. So while I think aloe vera is a great all-around natural skin saver, choose a natural oil for a moisturizer.

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