Of all the oil companies who has had the most oil spills?



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    Honestly, I looked into this and I did not find any clear cut answers on this.  Still, I’m not sure that pointing out which company has had the most oil spills would really serve any purpose, because it’s really collectively the amount of spills all oil companies have that’s really the problem.  For example, the oil spills in the Niger Delta from various different oil companies has caused so much damage that it will cost about 1 billion dollars and over 30 years to clean up.  Also, when you consider that the largest amount of oil that was ever spilled at any one time was during the Gulf War in 1991, it really makes you think what the consequences of war have on our environment, not just on human life alone.  I would say the worst is if an oil company refuses to clean up their mess (like Chevron has) or does it in a reckless way such as BP did with the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010 by using untested chemical dispersants in our water. 

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    Small spills happen literally all the time, so those are tough to track — oil companies can clear tiny spills up very quickly. Here’s a map listing the biggest oil spills of all time: http://geology.com/articles/largest-oil-spills-map/.

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