Is all newspaper recyclable?



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    From what I’ve read, yes! The ink is removed in the processing of recycling, so color vs black and white shouldn’t matter. One thing to keep in mind though is that you should not recycle soiled newspaper. That is, if you used it to wipe down your windows while washing them or if you used them to mop up a coffee spill, leave them out of the recycling. Added substances can affect their recyclability.

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    Most of it is. If it’s the thin newsprint, it’s good; if it’s the shiny insert, then it shouldn’t be recycled unless a center says specifically that they recycle it.

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    Most newspapers can be recycled unless they say otherwise. If you go to then you can find an area near you that accepts newspaper and you can take any questionable pieces to them to know for sure if it is recyclable or not. 

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