Is all mining destructive for the planet?



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    Yes.  While the environmental impacts vary widely based on the material mined and the methods used, all mining involves some level of environmental damage.  To begin with, all mining involves excavation of the mining site, which means tearing up soil, destroying plant life, and dislocating animal life, which has obvious consequences for the local ecosystem.  Another major problem with mining is the amount of pollution they produce.  Heavy machinery, explosives, processing chemicals, and various mining byproducts are all sources of pollution.  Pollutants from mines (which can include cyanide, mercury and other toxic substances) can be released into the air, or seep into water sources and seriously damage aquatic life.  Sulfuric acid, which is created when sulfide-bearing minerals below the earth are exposed to oxygen, is a particularly dangerous byproduct of mining, since its acidifying effects on water sources can damage many acid-sensitive fish populations.

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