Is all meat from different types of deer called venison?



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    Yes.  Venison is the term used to describe the flesh of various species of deer. Venison can be obtained from hunting deer in the wild or from a deer farm, which is where most groceries and restaurants get their venison.  On some deer farms, hunters are allowed to shoot the deer and have help in preparing their kill for a meal.  Venison has increased in popularity over the years going from an undesired food to an expensive delicacy.

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    Yep, meat that is from deer is called venison, just like meet from a cow is called beef, despite where on the animal the meat comes from. I hope this picture isn’t offensive to anyone, but here’s a diagram of venison cuts:

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    Yes, venison can be meat from any type of deer (including elk,moose, etc). If the venison is offered for sale, the USDA has stipulated that the name of the specific animal (deer, elk, moose, caribou, antelope, and pronghorn) must be on the package label.

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